Global iRepair: Phone accessories

Global iRepair is a mobile phone store that offers Nokia phones and accessories. We have an established relationship with one of the country’s top tech brands, Nokia, allowing us to deliver genuine supplier guarantees at affordable prices.  

We want our customers to excitedly unbox their purchase and anticipate the products in perfect condition. Apart from the variety of Nokia mobile phones, you can purchase, Global iRepair also gives their customers advice and tips on how to maintain and repair their phones. 

When you shop with us, our staff will help you with everything you need, just approach them for assistance or if you have any questions. 

Mobile phone accessories

Purchasing accessories for your phone can contribute to the full experience of your new gadget. There are a lot of mobile accessories out there; some to beautify your gadgets while some offer extra support and protection for your phone. 

Here are the following accessories we usually offer to our customers:

Screen protector

The first thing you should buy after your phone is the screen protector. You must put this on your screen to protect your phone from scratches and prevent the screen from cracking when you accidentally drop it. Global iRepair offers three types of screen protector—clear, matte, and tempered.

Phone case

Phone cases are added protection for your phone. Purchasing a phone case can eliminate the risk of getting dents, scratches, or any damage to your phone when you accidentally drop it. Usually, there are transparent jelly cases included inside the box, but if you feel like it’s not enough, you can get a more sturdy one just to be sure.


Going for a long drive without music can be boring, so it’s essential that you get earphones, headphones or speakers. This accessory is most likely included in the package but if you don’t like its quality or you want to upgrade, then you can pick from our variety of quality headphones/speakers.

Power bank

Power banks are one of the most important phone accessories you must have. You’ll never know when you will run out of battery especially when you’re outside, so it’s important that you have this item with you. Global iRepair offers a wide variety of power banks with different capacities. If you’re unsure which one to buy, you can ask our staff about it and they’ll happily assist you. 

MicroSD card

If you think that the internal storage of the phone you bought isn’t enough, then buying an SD card is a must. These days, people have a lot of things to save on their phones such as photos, videos, recordings, and more. Expandable storage can also become your backup especially if your phone suddenly breaks. You will feel at ease knowing that your files are safe.